How to Hide a Bra Under Tied Tops

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford

Tops with ties in the front and back have become very trendy for the past few years. Usually it is difficult to wear a bra with these styles because it will peek out from underneath which is not ideal. I have the perfect tying hack so that never happens to you again!

Start with a bra that has a plunging neckline if possible, as this will make the most uniform knot. Also make sure that you choose a bra that has a thin center area, as it will be hard to secure a knot around a thick area. If you have an old bra that you don't mind altering, you could cut the fabric between the cups as thin as possible.

This is my all time favourite bra from Victoria's Secret.

Take your first side and cross it in front.

Now pull the tie piece over the top of your bra and pull it out of the other side. You can start on either the left or right, it doesn't matter which piece goes through first.

Now take the other side of the tie top and adjust it over your other cup.

You want to do the opposite tie pattern to what you did on the first side. I started going over with the first tie, so for this one I pulled the tie underneath the center of my bra, meaning that the tie came through on the top. You can still see the middle of my bra exposed here.

Now we will cover that middle piece. Tie a regular knot.

This top had two ties in front, so I tied the other one into a simple knot. This is where I then adjust the fabric so my bra cups were totally covered and that was it. This tie hack leaves me feeling really secure in these types of tie tops and I never have to worry about my bra slipping out.

This is the top in action! No bra peeking out from the tie areas and no need to wear a tank underneath because of this hack.

Let me know if you try this trick out!

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