How To Tie a Tie-Front Top

Do you have a front-tying shirt that always ends up looking like this? It is so annoying and ruins the look completely. The main reason this happens is you are trying to tie the two pieces together but you are so small that there is alot of leftover fabric. Some people wrap the fabric around their body first then do a knot, but if you don't want the wrap around look don't worry... there's another solution!

Keep your front tie looking tight with this hack!

Here is the video I posted on my Instagram @kristinakacheeva

First slide one of the pieces of fabric inside your bra from the top. Pull it through until the string comes out of the bottom.

Adjust the top and make it look something like this

Next put the second piece of string in your bra from the bottom part. This time you'll pull it through and it will come out of the top.

Adjust both sides to give full overage

Now you won't need a big bow or anything. Just give them a quick easy tie and they should stay in place!

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