Turning a Basic Tunic Into a Cute Boho Outfit

2 Materials
5 Minutes

We have all seen these simple polyester tunics with an elastic neckline. They are versatile and can be worn as a long top or dress. With just a few accessories you can transform it from bland to boho in a flash.

I often hear from followers of my style blog that they cannot find cute outfits when thrifting. I took on that challenge by purchasing a dress style that I see at almost every thrift store I go to.

This tunic was just $10. Honestly, it's not a dress I would normally purchase but that was the point of the challenge. It didn't really look too great on the hanger. These tunics are usually found in the dress aisle, but can also be in the shirt section. This one is polyester and has an elastic neckline. The bell sleeves made me decide to give it a boho look.

Adding a pair of flip-flops, this dress is fine by itself. It is roomy and comfy. The colors are great for fall, but I wanted to wear it now so it needed to have a spring vibe.

A long Cato crochet vest was the perfect shade of ivory to pull out that color in the dress. It had the boho look I wanted and also helped to lighten the sea of brown. Pulling the neckline off the shoulders and adding the vest gives the dress more definition and a touch of femininity, it's a great style hack for warmer weather.

Adding a small choker necklace, leather tie belt and medium floppy hat in coordinating colors help to bring the boho style together.

A fringe and lace purse, round sunglasses, and gladiator boot complete the look.

The tunic now has definition at the waist and visual interest that compliments the design and the color. I am glad I did this challenge, not to always judge a dress by how it looks on the hanger, otherwise, I would have missed out on this cute boho outfit.



Suggested materials:
  • Dress   (Goodwill)
  • Vest   (Goodwill)

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