Cute and Cozy Fall Sweater Outfit Idea

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I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of just throwing our clothes on in the morning and rushing out of the door. I know I have!

Today, I want to show you how to style a cute fall sweater outfit in just a few minutes.

Base outfit

1. Base outfit

For my base outfit, I chose a simple but cute sweater that I love and a pair of relaxed jeans. I’m wearing minimal makeup. 

It’s an understated, casual look that I’m happy to go out in almost as it is. 

Hair styled in ponytail

2. Hair

The first thing I did was pull my hair back into a high ponytail. Nothing complicated, but I already look more styled.


3. Jewelry

I chose a pair of large but light gold hoop earrings. 


I also added a couple of bangles in black and cream to echo the tones of my sweater.


4. Footwear

My canvas ankle boots emphasize the relaxed vibe I’m going for and the lacing and zipper add interest.

Adding bag

5. Bag

I love wearing this large, squishy black bag over my shoulder.

I was also inspired to tuck my sweater into the jeans and this completely changes the proportions of my outfit.

Adding sunglasses

6. Sunglasses

I grabbed a pair of sunglasses and I’m ready to go!

Cute fall sweater outfit idea

Cute fall sweater outfit

All my accessories are matched to my sweater, with the blue denim providing the only contrast.

I look pulled together, as if I put a lot of thought into the outfit. Actually it’s a very simple look that anyone can do.

What do you think of it? Comment down below.

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