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30 Minutes

If you’re looking for pastel green nail ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Follow along with my step-by-step tutorial to create pastel lime green press on nails.

Tools and materials:

  • Press on nail set
  • Clear base coat
  • Pastel green polish
  • Nude pink polish
  • Shimmery silver polish
  • Ombre brush
  • Lint-free wipe
  • Nail lamp
  • Liner brush
  • Nail jewels and crystals
  • Bling adhesive
  • Dotting tool
  • Nail glue dryer
  • Nail file
Prepping nails

1. Prep your nails

Start by applying a layer of clear base coat to each nail.

Prepping nails

2. Paint thumb and pinky nails

Now, paint a coat of pastel green on the thumb and pinky nails.

Adding nail polish

3. Paint index and middle fingers

Next, paint a nude pink color on the index and middle fingers.

Adding nail polish

4. Paint the ring finger nail

Separate the ring fingernail and paint a thin layer of the gel base coat.

Then, apply a swirl of the green color.

Adding swirl

Then, fill in the empty spaces with a shimmery silver polish.

Adding nail polish

5. Blend the colors

Next, using an ombre brush, swirl the colors together. Use a lint-free wipe as needed to remove any excess polish.


After curing all the nails, here is how they look:

Progress shot

6. Apply a 2nd coat

If needed, apply a 2nd coat of color to the solid nails.

Adding nail polish

7. Create a French tip design

Apply the green gel polish to the tip of both pink nails. This will serve as a guide for the French tips.

Adding nail polish

Now, go in with a liner brush dipped in the green polish and round out where you want the French tip smile line to be.

Once you have that curve how you like it, fill it in with the green.

Outlining line

8, Outline the smile line

Next, outline the smile line with the shimmer polish.


9. Bedazzle the nails

Add nail jewels to suit your style on any of the nails.

Using a dotting tool, apply the jewels quickly after painting on the adhesive because it dries quickly.


10. Apply nail glue dryer

Here’s how they turned out with the bling. Shake and spray on some nail glue dryer to make sure it all stays put:

Progress shot: Pastel lime green nails

11. Apply a top coat

Apply a top coat to all the flatter nails.

Applying top coat

If you have any densely decorated nails, remove them from the stand to paint more carefully around the bling.

Applying top coat

12. Cure and file

Finally, cure all the nails under the nail lamp for 2 minutes and file the edges as needed. Here is the final result:

Pastel lime green nails

Pastel lime green nails

Pastel lime green nails

These pastel lime green nails are the perfect idea for spring!

Share your thoughts on this green nail design in the comments down below.

If you’re looking for more pastel ideas, check out my post on How to DIY Sweet Yellow Spring Nails.

Suggested materials:
  • Press on nail set
  • Clear base coat
  • Pastel green polish
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