How to Style an Oversized White Shirt

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

I’m going to show you how to style a white shirt in so many different ways. You could go casual with it, you could wear it to the office or the club. You can pull off all of these looks with this same white shirt. Here we have a model, and she will be wearing the seven different outfits that I have styled with the shirt.

Styling a button-down shirt

Outfit 1

Look number one is the shirt tucked into this green leather mini-skirt. The mini-skirt combined with the sandal heels accentuates the model’s long legs. Paired with the little yellow bag, this look is sexy and stunning; you could definitely wear it to the club. The skirt and the bag are both leather, so they work perfectly together. This look is so popping.

How to style a button-down shirt

Outfit 2

I love this outfit. The yellow floral dress is great for summer, and the ruffles at the bottom make it look very chic. You can easily wear a dress on top of a white shirt, don’t be afraid of doing so. The pink bag brings out the pink floral detail in the dress.

Easy button-down shirt style

Outfit 3

Next up is this office look, and it is just so stylish. A great style tip is to match a patterned piece of clothing with a non-patterned piece that is the same color, as I’ve done here with the blazer and the skirt. The red kitten heels are irresistible, and a big tote bag allows you to throw everything you’ll need for work inside.

Button-down shirt style

Outfit 4

Wearing this look, you’ll definitely be a trendsetter. I love how the bralette looks over the shirt, it is such a unique style, and the red pants are so bright and dazzling. The transparent bag also adds an edginess.

Basic button-down shirt style

Outfit 5

Here we have another business look. The purple and the pink in this outfit are spot-on; they complement each other so well. The high-waisted pants and the pink blazer will make you look like a professional who is ready to sign a business contract!

White button-down shirt style

Outfit 6

This is a perfect weekend outfit. After a busy week, you just need to throw on the white shirt, a pair of denim pants, and some classic biker boots, and you’re weekend-ready. The model has her shirt tucked in on one side and out on the other to create a funky street-style look.

Oversized white shirt style

Outfit 7

If you’ve been out partying and you still need to recover, you’ll want to go for something more chilled. These sweatpant shorts and sneakers are perfect for relaxing and taking it easy while still looking stylish at the same time.

White shirts are such a versatile piece, and you can wear them over and over again. As I’ve shown, you can dress them up or dress them down; you can really wear a white shirt for whatever look you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to try looks that are a bit outside the box; you might just surprise yourself! I say: have fun, experiment and see what looks you can come up with. 

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